About Us

Gateway ExteriorGateway Conveyor and Design Inc. filed for incorporation on Tuesday, September 3, 1996. Gateway Conveyor & Design is in the business of designing, fabricating and installing Conveyors, Conveyor Systems, Material Handling Devices and Specialized Machinery for the durable goods manufacturing industry.

Many conveyor companies cater to the needs of distribution centers and warehouses. While these business account for a great deal of Conveyor and Material handling sales, they are usually less customized in their design. Gateway Conveyor & Design concentrates and specializes in Conveyor Systems for the manufacturing Industries. We specialize in supplying to manufacturer’s of durable goods with at least 500 employees, such as automotive assembly and component plants, appliance manufacturers, equipment manufactures and the like.

The durable goods manufacturing plants demand their conveyor contractors to provide skilled systems sales and project engineers, computer based engineering, and skilled installation labor. In general, they demand high quality, high technology “turnkey” conveyor systems. Gateway Conveyor & Design fills this need.

Gateway Conveyor & Design, Inc. offers Complete “Turnkey” systems, including, Design, Fabriciation and installation. We are happy to furnish any one (1) or more of these capabilities individually or all three (3) as a total “Turnkey” package.